Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#1,591 Dream of the 90s.

Remember that time I brought back overalls? It felt so 90s. So right.

Sort of like:

Ben's doing his part to keep the dream of the 90s alive in Laurel by breaking in a fresh new pair of 2-strap Birkenstocks.
And I really like them. 

I sort of want some now.

Also, while we were in Canton we stopped at my mom's cousin Michael's pharmacy that also sells a few home goods where I found these sorta cute outdoor cushions. They were sold in sets of 2 for 10 bucks (!) and there were about a million different patterns available on this canvas fabric, and I just settled on the two colors that match the stripes on our porch chairs. For $20, I think I did okay. Right? I had to.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#1,590 Checkups + Canton.

I had post-op follow up appointments with my 2 doctors in Jackson today. Dr. Moore gave me nothing but good news. A great visit all around.

Dr. Nicols told me my gallbladder is still suspect and that he feels sure it's going to be coming out in my lifetime. Sooner or later. My appendix needed to go—it was looking bad, but there's no guarantee my gallbladder wasn't also causing my attacks. So, that might be in my future if I'm ever sick again. But we'll just hope and pray that won't happen, right?

We were done doing medical stuff by 4:00, so we made a few stops along the way home. Like, for instance, at Williams Sonoma.

And Anthropologie where I swooned over these bowls. Bowls!

And after that, I asked Ben if we could go through Canton because somehow, I've never been there before. The movie capital of Mississippi! What with the McConaissance going on, I felt we would be remiss if we didn't. I made him take my picture in front of the famous cafe/law office on the town square from A Time to Kill.

I made him stand in front of the courthouse from the "Free Carl Lee" scenes. So he stood there. And I said, "You've got to do something with your arms. It's weird if they're just hanging there." So he crossed them. So natural, I know. I clearly have a future in portraiture.

Then we passed by the house from My Dog Skip, which I sort of remember. It's been years since I saw it.

But I'm very very very familiar with O Brother, Where Art Thou (Clark, Daddy, and Ben can recite the movie from beginning to end—they could put on a community theatre production) and recall the scenes filmed around the courthouse.

After a short visit, we were on the road headed back to Laurel on winding, shaded country roads. Really country. Like, what Mississippi must look like in your mind's eye to you folks who haven't been here before.
At least, I hope this is what Mississippi looks like in your imagination.

I hope it's not the sopping wet with sweat look as shown in A Time to Kill.

You should visit it in person sometime. It's really a lovely place, despite what you might've heard.

Well, Ben does sweat pretty hard in the summer. I mean. Probably more than Ashley Judd.

Monday, April 21, 2014

#1,589 Appenheckyeahtomy.

The bill for my appendectomy came in today. I was a nervous wreck opening it. I was imagining the very worst. My sisters-in-law have told me stories of gallbladder removals costing upwards of $15k. I knew it would be terrible. And then...
Blue Cross Blue Shield to the rescue!

Also, Lucy driving trucks:

And lastly, you could run 2 marathons back to back, feeling like an Olympian who looks like Kate Middleton if you play this song on repeat:

At least, that was my experience. You'll blow out your Nikes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

#1,588 Easter Plus 2.

This year's Easter was remarkably like last year's in that we hosted it and my family came for lunch... Except this year, there were 2 extra people who didn't exist last spring. I wish I had taken better pictures at church, but like I said, see last year's post for a similar effect. The music of the orchestra and choir was incredible, and the church house was packed to the rafters. I wish every Sunday could feel like Easter.
 Can you guess who designed the programs? 

We rushed home to get the ham out of the oven, and the eating tournament/photo session commenced:

I snapped some of the sweetest family pictures. Everyone's just so ooey gooey over having Walker and Lucy around it's easy to catch people smiling.
 I mean... Is this not the best little family picture ever? These are good folks right here.

I hope your Easter made your heart want to bust, too. Our Jesus is alive, and we all have a new beginning, the promise of springtime and hope and love because of it. Happy day, friends!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

#1,587 Church Family Easter.

One of the best things about being a Southerner is that this headline appears every Easter on the front page of the town newspaper, and that's not just considered acceptable—but essential.
The church family Easter egg hunt was this morning around lunch and it was just adorable and perfect and sunshiney and 75 degrees is all. I got to wear one of my new Quarter Century dresses, so I was tickled before we even left:
We walked out of the front door with fresh cupcakes, a football and a frisbee in tow and at the sidewalk met the Webers and their dog, Nala, headed to Gardiner Park too. Our favorite park in town is just the next block over, actually it's Jim and Mal's front yard, and the church uses it for different outdoor events from time to time, like the family Easter egg hunt. Someone in a horrifying cute Easter bunny costume makes an appearance at the end, but somehow I missed snapping his photo. Hmmm.

 Lucy and Sugar were there, of course.

Busted our minister getting into the cookies before lunch was served.

 That hat! The best.

The same architect who designed NYC's Central Park designer Gardiner Park. Isn't that cool?

It couldn't have been more picture perfect. I wish you could've been there! It reminded me of that scene in Steel Magnolias. You know the one I'm talking about?

Afterward, we nearly killed ourselves hustling to dig and finish both flowerbeds before sundown. Ben was spreading mulch after dark by the light of the truck low beams, so who knows what it actually looks like out there now? I snapped this picture before the light was all gone—sans mulch. I can't wait to show you how it really looks finished once the flowers all grow to be full size. I ended up going with trailing rosemary, lavender, delphiniums, angelonia serena, and white lantanas. I'm so glad we've done it! Please excuse the leaf blower, mulch and water jug. We were moving like crazy people to get it done.
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